Strict lockdown starts across Punjab, business community protests closure of markets

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A strict lockdown started across Punjab on Tuesday as police closed shops while traders protested and dismissed the provincial government’s orders meant to mitigate the spread of coronavirus during of Eidul Azha.

Most of the shops in the province remained closed while some were reportedly open, which were closed down by local law enforcement. 

However, some traders opened shops again after the police left. The business community across the province, including Lahore, has protested against the decision, calling the closure of businesses ahead of Eidul Azha ‘economic murder’.

Anti-government slogans were also raised during the protest.

Lahore’s Anjuman-e-Tajiran General Secretary Naeem Mir said in a press conference that the lockdown is not acceptable and business should be allowed to open till Eid.

“The government should make some considerations and immediately reverse its decision,” Mir said. “Markets all over Pakistan, except Punjab, are open. What is the fault of Punjab’s trader community? Traders should leave their homes and open shops.”

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