Pune:This boy walked 11 km to school every day and scored 82% in Class 10

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Sixteen-year-old Ananta Doiphode had to walk 22 kilometers to-and-fro daily to access education in Panshet, a remote area in Maharashtra’s Pune district. Most would find this routine exhaustive, Ananta did too. But he tried not to let the fatigue affect his studies—quite successfully.

On Thursday, his efforts paid him rich dividends as he scored an impressive 82.80 per cent in Class 10 examination of the Maharashtra State Board.

“I used to wake up at 4 am and study till 6. Then sleep for an hour before waking up and leaving on foot to the school,” Ananta told “After returning from school, I studied late night every day,” he said, adding: “I knew it was an important year for me.”

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