Priyanka’s remarks on leadership old; workers want Rahul to become chief: Congress

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The Congress on Wednesday clarified that Priyanka Gandhi’s remarks on the issue of leadership in the party that were mentioned in a new book were made in July last year in a different context. It added that in the current situation, party workers across the country want Rahul Gandhi to lead the party again.

The book in question, ‘India Tomorrow: Conversations with the Next Generation of Political Leaders’, by Pradeep Chhibber and Harsh Shah, was launched last week.

In the book, which features interviews with young leaders in India, Priyanka Gandhi, while supporting Rahul Gandhi’s stand on a non-Gandhi president for the Congress, told authors Pradeep Chhibber and Harsh Shah that there are plenty of people capable of leading the party. “He (Rahul Gandhi) has said that none of us should be the president of the party and I am in full agreement with him. I think that the party should find its own path also,” Priyanka was quoted in the book as saying.

“If there were to be another party president, he would be my boss,” she has said. “If he tells me tomorrow that he doesn’t want me in Uttar Pradesh but wants me to be in Andaman and Nicobar (Islands), then I would jolly well go to Andaman and Nicobar.”

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