Mumbai and Delhi may have to start testing only hospitalised, say officials

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Amid the debate over the Delhi government’s attempt to test only those who are symptomatic, top technocrats at the Centre have said that as the Covid-19 case count rises, cities like Delhi and Mumbai may need to adopt a “mitigation” strategy which involves testing only those who are hospitalised.

However, senior officials in the Health Ministry have ruled out any immediate change in the current testing strategy.

Meanwhile, 9,983 new cases and 271 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours. The total case count has now touched 2,56,611 (7,200 deaths, 1,24,430 recovered).

“Right now, we are in the grey zone, as we are still trying to contain the spread of the disease through contact tracing. However, for cities like Delhi and Mumbai, where the spread is so wide, they will, at some point, have to move to a mitigation strategy, where the idea is to save resources for people who need it the most. Testing will have to be limited to only those who are hospitalised, while others stay at home. This is a call the state governments will need to take, but this has been the international experience,” said a top technocrat at the Centre.

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