Kartik Aaryan shares COVID-19 survivor’s story on blood plasma donation!

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Actor Kartik Aryan has urged all COVID-19 survivors in the country to donate their blood plasma for the recovery of those who are battling the pandemic.
Kartik reposted a video of Sumiti Singh, who is the first COVID-19 survivor. She is seen donating her blood plasma.

“I donated my blood plasma today— A person who has recovered from COVID is able to make antibodies against it . Also if you don’t have any pre existing ailments you are considered a healthy body and CAN donate your blood plasma, if willing, for the benefit of patients in a critical condition. With great joy and pride I am able to share that I fit all the necessary criteria to donate plasma and did so today at the Red Cross Ahmedabad,” Singh wrote in the caption of the video.
She then focussed on the procedure to donate the plasma, which she said is similar to donating blood.

Kartik had interviewed Sumiti Singh on the first episode of his online chat-show, and lauding her effort he urged all survivors to follow her example.

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