‘I want him to recover as soon as possible’: Gautam Gambhir wishes Shahid Afridi speedy recovery

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Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi have had differences on and off the field for over a decade. The former cricketers’ disagreements have often made headlines on both sides of the border. However, when Afridi revealed that he has been tested positive for Covid-19 in a tweet on Saturday, Gambhir put the rivalry aside and wished for his speedy recovery.

“Nobody should be infected with this virus. I have political differences with Shahid Afridi but I want him to recover as soon as possible. But more than Afridi I want every person infected in my country to get well as soon as possible,” Gautam Gambhir told Sports Tak.

“I have to worry about the people in my country. Pakistan has offered to help India but they need to provide help in their own country first. They have offered to help and I am thankful for that but first, they need to eradicate the cross-border terrorism,” he added.

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