The Best Clay Face Masks For Clear, Calm Skin

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  1. Clarifying Clay Mask

Device experts Currentbody recently launched a line of no-frills, results-based skincare, and this clay mask is one of the highlights. 

Simple yet effective, it contains bentonite, spot-tackling willow bark and humectant glycerin to negate any drying effects. At £14 for a sizeable tub, it’s well worth keeping on your bathroom shelf. 

2. Alive Prebiotic Balancing Mask

Algenist’s clay treatment changes colour with the heat emitted from your skin. But that’s not why you’re buying it (we know, you’re serious about skincare). No, you’re investing for the advanced probiotics inside, which work to eliminate unhealthy bacteria, reducing breakouts in an instant. Once you’re converted (you will be), there’s a matching moisturiser waiting for you, too. 

3. Healing Earth Mask

Susanne Kaufmann’s creamy white-clay mask is made using natural ingredients from the founder’s Austrian hometown. Gentle yet remarkably effective, it’s ideal for shrinking enlarged pores and calming red, angry spots. Use it all over (the natural talc-like scent is heavenly), or apply it straight to spots as a targeted treatment.

4. Silkmud Pink French Clay Purifying Sheet Mask –

Unlike most sheet masks, this clever innovation from Starskin works to draw impurities away from the skin. it’s infused with several different types of clay, alongside tremella mushroom to plump and niacinamide to brighten and keep pores clear. 

5. Double Clay Refining Mask

Sitting firmly in the luxury realm, Wildsmith Skin’s natural face mask is perfect for a serious pamper evening. It contains capiscum chilli pepper extract (with the spicy irritant removed) that brings blood to the surface of the skin and optimises nutrient uptake, as well as hyaluronic acid for a good dose of hydration. 

Rich, decadent and (crucially) effective, it’s a worthy investment. 

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