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Shrink that Pimple

Wrap a few cubes in a cotton cloth or zip lock bag, and apply on acne or pimple for a few minutes. Not only will it shrink it but will also relieve the pain.

Reduce under-eye puffiness

Late nights giving you puffy eyes? Applying an ice cube will reduce the puffiness to a great extent. It will also relax your eye and tighten the skin.

Sooth sunburn

Sooth the stinging from sunburned skin with the help of ice cubes. Wrap some ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth and apply on the sunburned areafor instant relief.

Natural glow

Rubbing ice cubes on the face improves blood circulation giving the face a healthy glow and also keeps wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Dry nails fastYou can escalate the nail drying process by dipping your freshly painted nails in a bowlful of ice water. The freezing water will seal the paint in place in half the time.

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