How to find the right eyebrow shade for you

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Mix and match shades:

Like your hair colour, your brows shouldn’t be one block shade – otherwise you’ll risk them looking a bit fake and drawn on.

For the most natural finish, mix and match your brow products to create a 3D effect. Start by filling in sparse areas with a brow powder kit or pencil, before adding a bit more depth with a brow gel like Glossier’s Boy Brow.

‘I would always suggest using more than one product, whether it’s a pencil and a gel, or a powder and a pomade, whichever your preference or style,’ says Laurretta Power, National Brow Artist at Benefit. ‘This will add texture leaving brows looking fuller and more lifelike. Also for dimension and added depth use products in slightly different shades, for instance Benefit’s Precisely My Brow Pencil in shade 6 alongside Gimme Brow+ in shade 4.5.’

This way, you’ll get different brow shades running through your hairs, like you would naturally.

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