Beauty Tips For Summer

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Keep the skin clean: The skin tends to get oilier during the hot and humid season. The sebum and sweat attracts dirt and dust particles easily, preparing perfect ground for germs ad bacteria which cause breakouts. It is important to use a suitable facewash to remove the grime from the skin and keeping it clean at all times. It is probably the top suggestion among summer makeup tips.

Do not forget to moisturize: We are sure you have often seen the importance of skin moisturisation iterated while looking for beauty tips. Moisturising is not just for the cool winter months.The hot air and burning sun during summer can dry out your skin depriving it of glow and suppleness. Even sitting in air-conditioned room for long periods deprives the skin of moisture. Always keep your trusted moisturiser handy and apply at least twice a day or as when needed. You may switch to a lighter, water based moisturiser that will keep the skin supple while avoiding the oiliness.

Eat cooling foods and stay hydrated: What we eat has a direct impact on the way we look. Eating fat-rich and heavy food is likely to make you sluggish in hot weather like ours. Additionally, it can make your skin oily and prone to breakouts. Include seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet and stay away from junk food and sugary drinks as much as you can. Drink 8-10 glasses of water at least every day. Opt for cooling drinks like buttermilk, nariyal paniaam pannajal jeera etc. to keep your body hydrated and fresh from inside.

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