Zoya Nasir Vacationing In Florida, America

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Zoya Nasir is one of the most famous actresses in our industry. Zoya Nasir isn’t just an actress but also a makeup artist. Zoya is known for being a part of dramas including Zeebaish, Hania, and a few others. Zoya has been vocal about the “Goora Complex” of our industry.

She became a part of highlights when she got engaged to Christian Betzmann. Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann became the most famous couple in the industry when Christian Betzmann a German Travell Vlogger embraced Islam and got engaged to Zoya Nasir. Zoya and Christian kept on giving some major couple goals. Zoya and Christian were soon to be getting married and they even had their first Dholki. But unfortunately, cultural and regional differences became a reason and the couple decided to part ways. A lot of fuss was created but eventually, both of them moved forward, and seems like things are going fine in their lives.

Zoya Nasir is currently vacationing in Florida and she took Instgaram to share pictures from her trip. Let’s have a look at the pictures:

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