Real-life Squid Game coming to South Korea

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Netflix has claimed that the dystopian South Korean thriller has become its most successful series launch ever. Squid Games follows the story of severely debt-ridden individuals who are forced to compete in a series of children’s games which turn deadly. Many of the participants return voluntarily as the winning prize ($38 million) could be their only chance of survival. The series comprises nine episodes.

But if you think the real Squid Game will be as disturbing and violent as it is on the screen, then you are wrong.

The event, being organised by St John’s Hotel, will not be restricted to guests but participants of all ages can join. A registration fee of $8.39 will be charged and the winner will receive $4,178.

A mysterious business card with a phone number will be provided to the participants, who will be required to go into a pine forest near the hotel and compete in a series of games. 

The participants who fail to follow rules will be eliminated. In the show, they are shot dead.

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