Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Eff the Royals! Look at Our New Portrait!

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The polarizing couple are featured this week in their first formal photos since breaking free from Harry’s controlling loved ones, cozying up to each other for a black-and-white images that was captured by photographer Matt Sayles.

He shot the couple at their home in Montecito, California, ahead of their appearance for a special edition of Time100 Talk.
As you can see above, Markle is laughing pretty hard in a candid moment, while sitting in a chair.
Harry, meanwhile, is sitting on the same chair’s arm, smirking broadly into the camera.

The picture is garnering attention because it represents yet another step away from the Royals for the husband and wife — but also because Markle is seriously blinged out in it!

On the former actress’ wrist? A $6,500 Cartier “love” bracelet and a $23,000 Cartier watch that Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, once owned.

On her hand? The $350,000 diamond engagement ring gifted to her by Harry years ago.

This is all set against a $2,800 Alexander McQueen suit, the same one that Meghan wore to her first evening function as a Royal.

Altogether, Markle is wearing items that total more than $382,000.

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