Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to the ‘brilliant and beautiful’ women around the world

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Hollywood’s acclaimed star Jennifer Aniston has come forth with a touching tribute for women around the world.

Jumping on the ‘#ChallengeAccepted’ bandwagon on Instagram, the 51-year-old Friends actor expressed gratitude to the women in her life who have been ‘uplifting’ her through the new internet trend meant for women to extend support to other women.

“Thank you to all the brilliant and beautiful women in my life who sent the most uplifting messages today,” she wrote alongside a monochrome shot of her.

“Truth be told, I don’t really understand this #challengeaccepted thing…but who doesn’t love good reason to support women! Soooo…. challenge accepted!” she added.

She then shifted the focus towards the United States’ presidential elections drawing closer, as she urged her followers to vote for change and encourage everyone around to do the same.

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