The Dallas Morning News’ Photos of the Year 2020

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Photo history and our professional training have taught us the key elements of making a great photo: lighting, timing and touch. We also have learned that the goal is to spend so much time with a subject that our presence is forgotten. That is how visual storytellers for decades have been able to capture previously unseen moments.

This year, The Dallas Morning News visual team has spent much of the year practicing social distancing and documenting North Texas as we celebrated the key moments in life from 6 feet apart. This sounds easy on the surface, but you must consider that team comprises people who have spent their entire careers looking for moments when people come together — birthdays, graduations and sporting events. When the pandemic hit, North Texas residents did not stop celebrating the key moments in their lives, and this team did not stop documenting them. Rather, they intrinsically understood that they had a fealty to show the resilience of our community.

Thank you, North Texas, for continuing to open your businesses, homes and hearts to this very talented team of visual storytellers.

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