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ubilee Park and Community Center has long been a staple of the southeast Dallas community between Fair Park and Interstate 30.

Inside its walls, residents can find resources regarding education, housing, and job opportunities in order to break the multi-generational cycle of poverty.

And soon, they will be able to get basic medical, dental and mental healthcare services at the site as well.

The community center is partnering up with Parkland Hospital to build a clinic on its campus in southeast Dallas to provide holistic healthcare to the community

Construction of the site began at the end of May and Jubilee Park estimates that the clinic will be open by June 2022.

The two-story building located on Bank street will serve community members of all age groups. General medical and dental care will be provided by Parkland Hospital, while mental health services will be provided through the Jewish Family Service. Jubilee Park will also sponsor preventative health and wellness programs. About 40% of the clinic’s staff will be members of the community it serves.

The health and wellness programs and the mental health services at the Jubilee clinic will be free. For the general medical and dental services, Parkland has financial counselors that can determine if families are eligible for state programs or grants. The Parkland Financial Assistance program is also available to support people through a sliding scale based on financial need.

“We don’t want them to feel like ‘I don’t have any resources so I don’t want to go to the clinic,’’’ James Perez, vice president of clinic operations, said. “We’ll do our part in screening them, identifying what opportunities there are for them, and work with them to ensure they receive the healthcare that is important to them.”

Since the late 1980s, Parkland has made it a focus to address healthcare needs in medically underserved areas by bringing healthcare to the community and increasing accessibility through their Population Health initiative. This includes Community Orientated Primary Care clinics, Youth and Family Centers, and the HOMES program.

In southern Dallas, this need was addressed with four clinics and four Youth and Family Centers. Alongside the Jubilee clinic, Parkland is planning on opening the Red Bird Clinic in September 2021, and a quick clinic in Bonton in late 2022 or early 2023.

Christina Mintner, senior vice president of population health, said that Parkland relies heavily on the Community Health Needs Assessment, a study it does every three years, to decide where clinics should be located.

“When you look at our Community Health Needs Assessment you see that there were huge gaps in southern Dallas, and there was a need for us to be there and to provide care and to work with the community to really be a part of the community,” Mintner said.

Health care disparities are evident in this area of Dallas. Jubilee’s target service area has a significantly lower life expectancy than other parts of the city, and higher rates of disease and mortality.

Parkland typically partners with local organizations, such as Jubilee Park, to make clinics a reality.

“It doesn’t do Parkland, or the community any good for us just to come in there and decide what services or where we should put a clinic,” Mintner said. “We really have to integrate and be part of the community and listen to feedback from the community on what services that they need.”

The Jubilee clinic’s main purpose is to eliminate obstacles for those seeking health care.

“Our biggest goal is providing access,” Perez said. “Just having a clinical team there will hopefully ensure that individuals who live within that radius will feel comfortable coming to our location and establishing what we call a patient-medical home.”

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