Breakfast shop Crossroads Diner in Dallas closed 5 days shy of its 10th anniversary

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Crossroads Diner in Far North Dallas closed after business on Sunday, Nov. 15. After months of lower-than-usual sales due to the coronavirus pandemic, chef-owner Tom Fleming made the tough decision to shutter the breakfast shop permanently, five days before Crossroads Diner’s 10th anniversary.

“I’m five days short,” he says. “We made it 9 years, 360 days.”

In an interview in July, Fleming warned that his business was in jeopardy of closing after he suffered sales losses of 50% or more during the pandemic. Crossroads Diner sells comfort food like eggs, bacon, hash browns and sticky buns, and when customers felt comfortable coming into the restaurant, Fleming says he felt hopeful about the future.

But after the pandemic continued to drag on, the math didn’t add up.

“There’s not enough money coming through the door,” he says. “That’s what it is: There’s just not enough.”

He decided to close Crossroads Diner on Sunday. Fleming paid his employees their last paychecks on Tuesday, and they gathered to clean out the fridges that morning.

“It wasn’t that hard of a decision, surveying the landscape. It just really came down to facts and numbers and money,” he says. “I had enough to pay my employees.”

Fleming says he has a passion for woodworking and might take that up as a new business in 2021. For the remainder of 2020, he plans to rehabilitate from a recent shoulder surgery.

He says well-wishers have reached out to him all morning, after he posted the news to Facebook on Tuesday.

“Friends are sending the warmest regards. Truly, I feel so blessed. I really do,” he says.

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